Venue and Direction

National Chung Hsing University
Address: 250, Kuo Kuang Road, Taichung 402, Taiwan (中興大學:台中市南區402國光路250號)
Note: Taxis are allowed to pick up and drop off passengers on campus .

Campus Map

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From Airport to Hotel in Taichung
1. From Taoyuan Airport to High Speed Rail (Taoyuan Station)
Taxi fare: NTD 320~340.
Travel time: 13 minutes.
2. From High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station to Taichung Station
Please take the south-bound train. 
Fare: NTD 590.
Travel time: 30 minutes.

3. From High Speed Rail (Taichung Station) to the Splendor Hotel or National Chung Hsing University
Taxi fare: NTD300.
Travel time: 30 minutes.
Hotel Information
The Splendor Hotel
Address: No. 1049, Jianxing Rd., Taichung 403, Taiwan (台中金典酒店:403 台中市健行路1049號)
Return Trip

You have two options for your return trip to Taoyaun airport.


Option 1 (travel time: 1 hour and 13 minutes; total cost: NT$1,250)

You may choose to travel with Taiwan High speed Rail. Please take the north-bound train at Taichung Station, get off the train at Taoyuan station, and then take a taxi to the airport.


Option 2 (travel time: 2 hours; total cost: NT$ 3,300)

You may travel directly to the airport by taxi. Please make reservation at the front desk in hotel when you check in.